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Trichomoniasis (AKA “trich”) is a common sexually transmitted infection that affects about 2 million individuals in the US every year, per the CDC. It is spread by unprotected sexual contact or intercourse.

Signs and symptoms of trichomoniasis differ between men and women. Men may experience discharge, irritation, or itching inside penis or burning with peeing or ejaculating. Women may notice burning with peeing or itching, irritation in genital region, or green, frothy discharge with a fishy odor. Both men and women may experience discomfort with sex. Up to 70% of patients with trich do not experience any of the above symptoms, so it is important seek testing and treatment immediately if you know or suspect that you have been exposed.

Trich is extremely treatable with antibiotics. If you do test positive for trich, it is important to treat it and encourage any sexual partners to be treated as well. When trich goes untreated, it can cause severe complications, such as pelvic inflammatory disease. Contact your provider if you think you may have been exposed.
Hanna Lewis, PA-S Campbell PA Program Class of 2023

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