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Headaches & Migraines Specialist

Select Family Practice and Urgent Care

Family Medicine located in Raleigh, NC

Almost everyone gets a headache from time to time. However, if you suffer from frequent or severe headaches, you should talk to a medical professional. The team at Select Family Practice and Urgent Care in Raleigh, North Carolina, diagnoses the cause of chronic headaches and migraines and offers treatments to ease your pain and reduce or eliminate your headaches. Call Select Family Practice and Urgent Care or schedule a consultation online today.

Headaches & Migraines

What causes headaches and migraines?

Many factors contribute to headaches and migraines. Headaches are often due to muscle tension in your jaw, neck, or upper back, dehydration, stress, fatigue, or environmental factors. They can also be a symptom of illnesses like the flu or upper respiratory tract infections. 

Migraines are attacks of several neurological symptoms that include headaches, sensory sensitivity, nausea, and visual phenomena like flashes of light or halos. Migraines aren’t fully understood, but medical researchers believe that they could be due to abnormal stimulation to your trigeminal nerve. Migraines also have several known triggers, including hormonal fluctuations, specific foods and additives, bright lights, and other sensory stimulation.

When should I talk to a doctor about headaches and migraines?

You should talk to the team at Select Family Practice and Urgent Care about your headaches and migraines if your symptoms disrupt your life. For example, if you have more than two headaches a week or if your headaches or migraines are so severe that they keep you from work, school, or social activities, you should talk to the team.

How are headaches and migraines treated?

Treatments for headaches and migraines depend on the underlying issue that’s causing them. The team at Select Family Practice and Urgent Care provides thorough exams to increase their understanding of your condition and needs. 

In many cases, lifestyle modifications like drinking more water and getting more sleep can reduce the frequency and severity of headaches. However, you might also benefit from medication. 

The team at Select Family Practice and Urgent Care can prescribe medication to prevent and relieve migraines. They can also help you identify your triggers so you can take steps to avoid them. 

How can I prevent headaches and migraines?

The first step to preventing headaches and migraines is to understand what’s causing your headaches. For example, around 80% of Americans say they don’t drink the recommended amount of water every day. You can reduce your risk of headaches simply by making sure to drink eight cups or more of water every day. 

Additionally, if you know that flashing lights, smoke, or strong chemical odors trigger your headaches, take steps to avoid those triggers. 

In general, following a healthy diet, practicing stress management, and taking time to stretch and relieve muscle tension can also reduce your risk of headaches. 

Call Select Family Practice and Urgent Care or make an appointment online today if your headaches or migraines are disrupting your quality of life.